The Process

The process that we follow in giving our property services to realty buyers and investors has been optimized over the years to assure better results for clients.

Our licensed Buyers’ Agents’ advisory process for our clients is as under:
  • Property Brief: We get our clients feed details in a property brief to present to us the clues of their particular property preferences viz. budget, property type, area, availability of surrounding amenities, and location. This exercise gives us an indication about your purpose to use the property, either as a home or as an investment.
  • Preparing a Deal Strategy: We at this stage discuss the auction or private sale strategy that needs to be employed either via a meeting in person or through teleconferencing or online via Skype. Decisions that are discussed include the advisory on location, property type and methods to attain anticipated deal outcomes.
  • Research Properties for Shortlisting: Our market research throws light on the available properties that meet your criteria. Our survey of the suburb areas gives us the details on the Australian Property Monitors parameters specific to the target areas such as identification of possible risks and benefits considering the infrastructure and population fundamentals, spotting investment opportunities such as capital growth appraisals, analysis of the local market conditions and buying trends, accessing off-market properties. We then combine the selected property list in a synchronized classification of six or seven properties to get a price direction and assess the feasibility of a project. A special inspection follows next of the various different properties either with you or on your behalf.
  • Portfolio Evaluation: Our market appraisal is backed by firm industry and market facts that facilitate us to appraise the feasibility of all the shortlisted properties. Our detailed appraisal report assesses the rational price that you can offer to the buyers advocate.
  • Negotiating and Securing Property: We negotiate pertinent and market-led price and conditions for the selected properties with the vendor or their buyers agent, to make it a fair deal for our clients. If the vendor follows an auction route, we do the property acquisition either via auctions or bid thoughtfully on your behalf in the auction.

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