Why is a buyers’ agent needed to represent me?
Buying a property has become even more complex and negotiating with the sellers’ agent or the vendor themselves while making certain achievement of the optimal buy price is not easy without a buyers’ agent. A buyers agent gives their best ability in representing you in the property deal and to make the terms and conditions in the property agreement suitable to you as well. Without a buyers’ agent by your side, there are high chances for the sellers’ or real estate agent attempting to manipulate the direction of the deal in the vendors sole benefit.

Tax deduction on the buyers’ agent fees, is it really possible?
Yes. Buying a property for investment purposes makes it eligible to get the cost of buyers’ agent tax deductible expense as it is treated as a component of the acquisition. However, it is not possible to claim the fee as tax deductible when you purchase the property for residential purposes.

How do I assure the rationality of the price I am advised to pay for a property?
Our due diligence and reference of the comparable sales data, and market research makes the property price indication figure true to its fair market value that you can pay to the vendor. Our detailed inspections of all the properties and assessment of their benefits and cons allows’ us to recommend a fair price to you.

Do you access the safety of professional indemnity insurance?
Yes. Our buyers agent are supported by required professional indemnity insurance to protect the clients’ interests.

Do you cater to property needs of home buyers and investors both?
Yes. We cater to both the segments of clientele, i.e. buyers and investors, in their endeavor to discover the right property, at the right price, always!


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